The history of the

Schipflinger Guesthouse in Saalbach

Renate Krejci is you Host

“For me there is nothing nicer than being a host for my guests. My greatest joy is when my guests remember the time they spent here as the
best time of the year.

Here is a brief summary of my career so far:
After leaving school I did a cookery apprenticeship in Saalbach and took the license examination for the hospitality industry in 1986.
I worked as a waitress in various places including Carinthia, the Arlberg region and Berchtesgaden in the Königssee area, for several seasons.
Already during this time, I gained a great deal of experience in working with guests.
Full of energy and enthusiasm, my husband and I took over and converted my parents’ business in 1990. We have 2 sons and the eldest also lives in the house with us. He has already taken over quite a few tasks and will step in my footsteps in some time.”

Since 2021

In 2012, the lobby was renovated, and guests are now met by a welcoming and spacious entrance.

Times change and now the next generation is waiting to continue our guesthouse’s tradition. We are gathering ideas and making plans which will, hopefully, soon be put into practice depending on the current circumstances.


In 1990 Sebastian retired from the business and handed the guesthouse to his daughter, so Renate Krejci took over.
The house was rebuilt and fully renovated. Only the outer walls remained, and everything was brought up to date. All rooms received a bathroom, the stairs were made fireproof according to requirements, and the furniture was renewed.


The holiday-makers here enjoyed it a great deal, even back then, and the number of guests quickly grew. Demand for rooms increased and the wooden hut behind the house was therefore torn down to make way for an extension.


The Schipflinger Guesthouse was built in 1953 by Sebastian Schipflinger. People were keen to save money back then and, for example, used magazines as insulating material. These turned out to be a welcome and interesting read when we discovered them years later during the conversion. Our guesthouse’s first guests came from Berlin and travelled here by bus.

Uttermost importance has always been given to service, even in the early days, and our guests were therefore collected at the meeting point with a push cart for their luggage. The guesthouse was also really modern for the time as all the rooms had running water.